2008 Synod of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity and Great Plains


Invocation (official opening of the 2008 Synod) The Rt. Rev. James McNeley
Introduction of Bishop Elect -- The Rt. Rev. Leo Michael
Introduction and welcome to new Clergy and Parishes (Motion to give seat, voice and vote).
Report of Credentials Committee, Roles, Procedure and Quorum Call
Presentation of Proposed Agenda for Approval
Announcements and Welcome The Rev. Wm. Beaver
Minutes of 2007 Synod (see copies in your packet)
Bishop’s Address and Report The Rt. Rev. James R. McNeley
Report of Committees:

  • Commission on Ministry (new appointments by Bishop)
  • Canons and Bylaws
  • Council Advice
  • Ecumenical Commission (new appointments by Bishop)

Presentation of Proposed Budget for 2008-2009 Lynn Baxter, Treasurer
Houses in separate meetings

  • Council of Advice (elect 1 clergyman and 1 layperson)?
  • Consistory Court (elect 1 clergyman and 1 layperson)?

Results of elections in separate houses
Bishop’s appointments (1 clergyman and 1 lay person to Council of Advice)
Old Business
New Business

  • Canons
  • Parish News
  • Other New Business

Memorializations and Resolutions (must be submitted in writing to Secretary Beth Klein)
Bishop’s Assent and adjournment